Ventas de Naron to Palais de Rei – 12K

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Casa Benilde (67€)*

Out the door at 8:45 AM… in the rain.   This day is easy compared to yesterday, but still has bumpy ups and downs,  Lovely scenery all around.  We stop for C and CC and soggily carry on through stone hamlets, green pastures, eucalyptus groves, pines, and vistas.  We pass a morose medieval cemetery for fallen pilgrims.  MUDDY, VERY MUDDY going.  In Palais de Rei, after some confusion, we find our hotel, sort of modern, with at the desk the NICEST MAN IN THE WORLD!  He is so cordial, kind, and welcoming.  Up we go to our fairly simple but WARM room with a great bathtub and heater turned on (which will work out well for our laundry).  I discover that I have lost my debit card, probably at our last C&CC stop, when I left my inner pocket open… Rats! I spend the next half hour calling about this and fix what I can.  Out to lunch, down the street.  Bonnie: ensalada mista and caldo Galego / Nick: vegetable soup and lamb shanks. Back to our room for B+N.  I’m feeling a little poorly, so take Emergency C and Zinc lozenges (actually have been all day).  Come dinnertime, we both opt for gin and tonics, then Bonnie:  caldo Galego and tuna pasta / Nick:  ensalata mista and cheese plate, flan.  (NOTE:  Casa Benilde may have since closed.  We hope not!)



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