Vaylats to La Peche – 12.6

This entry is part 29 of 38 in the series Part 1: Le Puy-en-Valey to Moissac

Gite Mme. Latour (52€, dp)

Overcast and dreary again.  It is drizzling and finally raining, with Nick (in a poncho purchased when his parka leaked like a sieve) resembling nothing so much as a camouflaged juice box.  We have no food for our lunch and have a big tiff about passing up a boulongerie.  Eventually we find a little shop and get a sandwich-to-go on stale bread.  Beautiful, easy walking but raining all the way.  Nick says there’s an appropriate Latin phrase for where we are:  PRARTRUM RIDET… “The Meadow Smiles.”  We arrive at our gite at noon and are the first ones there.  Our accommodation is a room of four double-bunk beds, one of which is ours.  I do some laundry (which will never dry) and we eat our meager lunch and settle in for an afternoon of reading.  There is a big common room and as other pilgrims arrive, they choose beds, do laundry, and settle in around us.  There are Germans and French and a woman from Brazil.  Dinner is served at 7:00 PM.  Parsley soup, cassoulet of white beans, sausage and chicken, salad, coconut-caramel dessert.  We all snore happily through the night.

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