Personal Well-being

The trek, though not easy, is remarkable safe, even for single women on their own. Physical hazards are few – a rare clamber up boulders or a steep, muddy “descente delicate.”  For blisters, pharmacies stock remarkably effective gel pads, and if needed, good doctors are readily available.

Cares fall away, though every once in a while you ponder:  Just why, exactly, am I doing this?  For perhaps one out of every five pilgrims, there’s a religious reason, even a vow.  Beyond that, the trek later in life is a wonderful opportunity to get in shape.  Moreover, like the yellow brick road in The Wizard of Oz, the Camino is an opportunity to sort out – and overcome – one’s pressing or lingering problems.   Quite a number of hikers were dealing with job loss, divorce, and medical conditions, only to realize that, all along – like the Scarecrow and the Tin Man – they had unsuspected inner resources to deal with life’s ups and downs.  The trail’s ups and downs are a tonic.

You wish others, and they wish you:  Buon Camino!   If life is a journey, for Bonnie and I this was the journey of a lifetime.