Bonnie, you’ll inescapably note, is a fan of food along the Camino, and its ever-shifting variety.  Her memories of a place are conjured by what she ate.  And there’s a certain repetitiveness to the daily entries.  That’s the way it was – generally care and worry free!

Most places we stayed were just fine, and are recommended.  Extraordinary places have one to three stars. (* to ***)

Places to avoid are marked by having their names Crossed Out.

Bear in mind that since we made this trip, there may be new places to stay, and old places closed down.  Plus higher prices.  An up-to-date resource is the Miam Miam Dodo (we still don’t know what this means), an annual listing of accommodations and restaurants within five kilometers of the Camino.  It is in French – but once you grasp key phrases, easy to understand.  We obtained our copy from London’s Confraternity of St. James.

State Department Travel Advisories