Useful Tips

Most guidebooks to the Camino are written with 20-40 year olds in mind, folks walking up to 35km / 22 miles a day. But what about the 50-80 crowd, preferring 16km / 10 miles a day?

In this 100 day account, each day has a rated place to stay, plus information as to difficulty, sights to see, and places to eat. Throughout, there is a sense of camaraderie of the Camino, what to favor, and what to avoid. Plus vignettes as to its place in history.

All at once or in different stretches?

We opted for a four stage journey – with each three weeks (more or less) and about 280 miles, well short of becoming a slog-athon.  We found either mid April to late May or September to mid October ideal times to go.  No crowds.  Temperate weather (though it snowed a bit) and not blazing hot, as is the Camino in midsummer.