Trigodina to Montequi – 18.7K

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Gite Le Souleillou (55€, dp)


A beautiful day.  We walk quite a ways, with the first 11 kilometers easy and very scenic. Actually the whole day is scenic but by 11:00 AM it is very hot and the hiking becomes much harder.  A sign warns Attention Descente Delicate.  It’s not terribly steep – but mud clogs the cleats of our boots, and we’d be tumbling on down if not for our anchoring walking sticks.  Lunch is couscous, tomatoes, sausage and cheese.  We turn off the Camino, follow a path down a steep slope, and arrive at our gite at 2:30 PM.  It  is a welcome sight, and we are delighted to see that Alan, Dani and Katherine are all there.  I do laundry.  Sweating all day definitely means more laundry.  We nap and read all afternoon.  A lovely place.  Our room is above the terrace and it sounds like birds singing to listen to the French conversations going on below us.  Dinner is excellent… potage of potato-vegetables, puff-pastry filled with mushrooms and meat, comfit d’canard over rice, fresh cherries and something like an apple-stuffed jelly doughnut.  Great wine, always.

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