Le Puy-en-Valey to Tallode – 9K

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Gite Allegre (70€, inc. dinner & breakfast, hereafter “dp” for demi-pension)

Nick at Cross     

Climbed out of town at 7:50 AM, steep but doable.  Nick’s legs bad.  Bonnie a bit bitchy about many pictures and slow pace. We will work into our game soon, I hope.  It’s Spring here and very beautiful.  Today is sort of sunny with everything blooming, birds singing.  Good hiking along ridges and through towns.  Interesting church in St. Christophe-sur-Dolaison.  We had lunch at a bar, cafés and sandwiches (10€).  Then ½ mile to our gite, an old stone farmhouse with a charming hostess and a room to ourselves… as a  matter of fact we had the place to ourselves for dinner until, quite late, a trio of hikers arrived for the night.  We had an afternoon nap and then a stroll on up to the next little hamlet.  Wonderful traditional farmhouses, many in varying states of remodel.

Animal pastures and lots of new gardens being planted.  Watched a man extracting turnips from a deep hole.  Wild flowers and green fields everywhere surrounded by snow-covered hills.  Apparently there has been lots of rain lately, with lots of burbling streams irrigating fields.  It feels so right here.  All the dogs are mellow and happy.  We had a wonderful meal prepared by Marie at the gite… really FABULOUS!  Lentil soup, omelet, steak, applesauce, cheese and WINE!!!  We have to scale it down a bit, but this farmhouse fare is superb.

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