Tallode to St. Privat-Privat-d’Allier – 13K

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Gite la Carbourne (36€ inc. breakfast)

After a French breakfast of bread and coffee, we are on our way at 8:45 AM.  The weather overcast and chilly, but the landscape beautiful:  rolling green pastures, wildflowers and red earth.  We traveled through three hamlets and arrived in Montbonnet at 11 for café, a cheese sandwich, and a croque monsieur (13€).  This little town was dusted with snow and very picturesque.  Onward:  up a snowy pass, then a descent down a very muddy and somewhat treacherous path to finally arrive in St. Privat, a small charming village with a grand old mansion (with a witch’s weathervane) and a Romanesque chapel.  We squared away our belongings in our gite.  Our room is private and has two beds but no sheets, towels, or soap.  The gite is full and does not serve dinner.  We nevertheless have a nice dinner at a hotel catty-corner across the street (49€).  Lentil salad, chix with mustard sauce, trout, cheese, ice cream and natch, wine.

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