St. Privat-Privat-d’Allier to Saugues – 18K

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Hotel La Terrasse** (154€ dp)

image027Mother’s Day… Gite breakfast of café and French bread with butter and jam and off by 8 AM.  By Nick’s reckoning this will be our hardest day so far… down and then STRAIGHT UP!… then down, up, down, up and then way up, this last stretch very steep and very long.  We made it just fine!  Stopped for deux cafés and a sandwich to go (ham & cheese with mustard on a baguette (5€).  We crossed a bridge built by M. Eiffel over a river generating electric power and dotted with rafters. We passed St. Roche in a petite chapel, high on a ridgeline rock.  We could track our progress for much of the day by checking this as a point of reference.  Gorgeous country, blustery and sometimes rainy weather, but everything green and blooming.  Great cows!  Stunning vistas!  At 3 PM we finally ate our sandwich in the last village before Saugues.  Then another hour’s descent into Saugues, the city.  Our hotel is wonderful… very beautiful and quite modern, new everything including a bathtub.  Again, an amazing dinner.  Tomato and sausage soup with a fresh egg cracked in it just before serving, lapin with bacon and mashed potatoes, three local cheeses, strawberries with custard and caramel sauce and excellent wine!

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