St. Jean Pied-de-Port

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Hotel Camou


We wake to a beautiful day and it appears that our Pyrenees traverse tomorrow will be in favorable weather.  We have a day of mild organizational stress.  Our host cannot get it together to call ahead any of our upcoming reservations.  In retrospect, I believe he may be suffering from Alzheimer’s in that he is easily confused and very forgetful.   I make the calls myself and am very pleased that, with one exception, everyone speaks English.  Phew!  OK on that front.  So, on to town to obtain new blank credenciales at the Pilgrim Office.  We enjoy a satisfying lunch at a grand old hostelry, Hotel Central… sangria, soup and assorted appetizers, trout, veal, and wonderful Sancere wine.  For dessert crème caramel and gateau Basque… YUM!  We dine on a patio overlooking the river.   We then firm up our new baggage carrier, Express Bourricot (“Donkey Express”) with a very nice lady, most helpful.  We explore the town and make some small purchases.  We revisit Bourricot to pick up our luggage tags and finally head back to the hotel at 5:45 PM. Bath, laundry, calls home, rest.  Dinner at 7:30… soup, roast chicken with delicious green beans, and crème caramel.


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