St. Come-d’Olt

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Couvent de Malet*

Woke to fog.  Have breakfast with a lovely American woman, Bonnie Allard from Boulder, Colorado.  She is on her own and having problems… pack too heavy, bladder infection, hiking too far each day.  We offer advice, which seems to help.  Today is a day off!  Hurray!!  We have made reservations for Friday, Saturday and Sunday (Sat and Sun in Conques in a dormitory in its famous abbey).  So, we are OK for the next six nights!  We go to town and stroll around the village, so very charming.  Nick takes many pictures.  I’ve got to find a way to amuse myself while he shutterbugs and not bug him, perhaps update this journal, keep a paperback handy, or be the map reader.  There is a chapel with displays illustrating medieval architecture and medicine.  We visit a hybrid Romanesque/Gothic church with a thundering organ.  We find our route out of town for the next morning and have a nice lunch at Le Plein Des Sens.  Dinner tonight will be convent food so we are prepared with a good mid-day repast.  What an excuse!  So… great salad, steak with pommes frites, chocolate cake and ice cream, and wine and coffee.  Home for a nap.  A reading, sleeping afternoon.   Surprisingly, dinner is just fine!  Good veggie soup, beet and garbanzo salad, pork brochette, yummy carrots, tiny popovers (and wine, no problem for the Sisters).  Good conversation with our neighbors, and we watch a sweet film about The Sisters of Mercy Urseline, along with a history of the area… in French.  Love the convent!

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