Santo Domingo de la Calzado to Quintanilla del Monte – 20.5K

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La Aldea Encantada (78€, dp)*

We have a “mandatory,” way-too-expensive breakfast at the Parador, and are on our way.  The day is overcast with wind from the west, a powerful head-wind.  We are now out of wine and olive country, and presently in hay country.  The fields are filled with mown hay, with sheep gleaning what they can.  The day is dreary and the walking long and tedious… much walking along the highway.  The two stops we are looking forward to are closed, so there is no coffee break… Boo hoo!  Suddenly I find myself flat on the ground… SPLAT & OWEEEE!!  I have tripped over my own walking sticks.  The miracle is that nothing is broken, though I’m emotionally whacked.  We keep walking (limping) and finally stop at the Hotel Chocolation for a half sandwich, C and CC.  Then endlessly on into the wind.  Finally we turn off to a little village about 2 kilometers from the highway and find our way to an old, charming inn, a medieval Casa Rural… Encantada, really.  Anna and Mama are wonderful and welcoming.  We enjoy a bottle of wine and then a great nap in a cozy room up under the eaves.  Dinner is fine… fried squash with ham and cheese, chicken breast with fried potatoes.  All in all, very lovely.

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