Santa Catalina to Rabinal del Camino – 12K

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La Posada de Gaspar (54€)

Breakfast at 7:30 AM, croissant with café, plus juice for Nick.  Rainy day with wind again from the West.  We pack up and head out at 8:15.  Beautiful views with rainbows all around.  We stop for another cafe at The Cowboy Bar (!?) in Ganso – more storks here – and then onward into lots of rain.  In a little park we awkwardly change into waterproof rain pants and carry on.  Lovely oak woodlands, then an elevation gain into pines.  Lots of mud.  We arrive in Rabanal at 12 noon and visit a church with an active monastery. We may take in their Mass at 7 tonight.  Our hotel is up the street from the church, and it’s quite nice.  We are on top floor and our room is comfy (separate bath with tub).  Lunch in dining room is good.  Bonnie:  sopa cocida and white beans with chorizo / Nick:  garlic soup, ensalada mista, and flan.  With Vino Tintoretto, 23€.   BIG B+N!!!  Our Camino mainstays!  Then up for a walk around town, then trying to get wi-fi to work, but it doesn’t.  Off now to the church for vespers with two monks singing (to a packed house), then to dinner.  Bonnie:  ensalada mista and cod with tomato (yuk) / Nick: green beans with ham, battered sole with fries, and flan.

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