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Hotel Villava

This is a day off!  (sort of).  It is raining and at 8AM, still dark.  We plan to walk 5 kilometers into Pamplona, explore the city, then cab or bus back to the hotel, then tomorrow take a cab back to mid-city and continue on foot.  We walk to town on back roads which is OK.  There is a beautiful bridge, the Puente Magdaleno, then massive walls. Pamplona is where the Spanish “run the bulls.”  Accordingly, there are wooden barriers on the sides of the streets to protect the crowds.  We visit the magnificent cathedral and its adjoining museum within the walled city and both are fabulous.  We have a funny little lunch at a nearby cafe… just OK.  We cab back to the hotel and have pizza and salad for dinner… pretty poor.  The food in Spain doesn’t come close to that in France.  And the country is dirty, with garbage littering its street. It is going to take some getting used to.  I, for once, feel sad, ready to go home.

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