Pamplona to Uterga – 20.7K

This entry is part 29 of 33 in the series Part 2: Moissac to Puente la Reina

Camino del Perdon  (78€, dp)

We take a cab to the middle of town and find the Camino.  Once out of town the walking is beautiful.  We stop at St. James University to have our credenciales officially stamped. Continuing on, we climb to a ridge lined with windmills and, at its crest, an imaginative sculpture… “Where the Path of the Wind meets that of the Stars.”  Lots of pictures and conversations with other pilgrims.  We continue on down a very steep trail and finally arrive in a sweet town, Uterga.  At our nice auberge, we enjoy a late sandwich lunch, then off to our room for a nap.  Dinner is included here and is adequate… lentil soup to start, chicken with mushrooms for Nick, beefsteak for me, and French fries for both (relentlessly accompanying every last Spanish meal).

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