Navarrenx to Aroue – 18.3K

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Gite Bellevue (38€)

A very interesting day… a beautiful day to walk, both cloudy and sunny.  Rolling hills with lovely views of the Pyrenees.   The bad news:  NO FORWARDED DUFFEL!  We left a written note (apparently unread), when we should have instead phoned RapidBag to re-up our agreement.  So, a very nice Frenchman calls for us and helps us back on track… we hope.  Meanwhile no luggage until Monday afternoon!  But the good news… I have my make-up case!  We have no reading material so walk into the nearest tiny town for lack of anything else to do.  I don’t have my glasses, either.  Nick cooks up a paper game of “Battleship”.  He is so resourceful!  For dinner our host drives eight of us to a special Basque restaurant and it is quite good… vermicelli soup, chacuterie of egg, sausage and ham, tuna with macaroni salad, then sliced pork in a red and green pepper sauce, and cheese to finish off.  There are several recent acquaintances at this dinner, plus a couple we stayed with at La Tour de Chapelains on our last trip.  They are from Holland and so very nice.  What fun!

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