Nasbinals to St. Chelly d’Aubrac – 17K

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La Tour de Chapelains** (86€, dp)

Some sun this morning (Sunday) and pleasant hiking.  We climb up through meadows to an altitude of 4200 feet.  We are still on a moor, the Aubrac Plateau… but then begin going down. The weather is windy, overcast with sudden bursts of sun.  The hiking is very rutty and muddy, but not terrible.  This part of the trail was advertised as very steep and hard going, but really wasn’t bad at all.  Lovely wild flowers as we descended. We are pleasantly surprised to find a fabulous little restaurant in Aubrac, with glass walls overlooking Spring’s beautiful rolling green hills.  Tasty potato, cheese, and crouton soup plus delicious tomato cheese open-face sandwiches.  A real treat!!  Arrived at our gite at 3:45 PM.  It’s in a tower built in 1430, restored, and fabulous!!!  We are sharing a room (up a winding staircase) with three other pilgrims.  We have done 131 kilometers. This is an amazing place. The dinner is tres elegante, as is the host.  He speaks English, but not so his eleven other guests.  We dine in a stone vaulted room… Kir as an aperitif before dinner, sausage appetizer, potato-cauliflower soup, veal roasts (individual) with a vegetable terrine, fresh berry tart, and fine wine. The accommodations are first rate even though we share a room with other guests.  The company most merry!


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