Montequi to Lauzerte – 14K

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Gite Chambre Les Figuiers (62€)

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We get an early start and leave right after breakfast at 7:40 AM.  The sky is overcast and the hiking much more comfortable than in yesterday’s heat.  There is a BIG UP to begin and then many ups and downs.  We miss the trail and walk the last 5 kilometers on the road to Lauzerte.  A substantial uphill trek takes us into this medieval city, where they’ve revived a tradition of ID-ing a business by a symbol rather than a written name (necessary in an age when near-everyone was illiterate)… a monk with grapes for a tavern, a scribe with a feather pen, and a trio of household animals for a veterinarian.  The weather has been misting on and off.  We find our gite, leave our stuff and head further up the hill, to lunch on the old town square.  It is adequate… Bonnie:  chicken Provençale with fries.  Nick:  chicken with mushroom and cream sauce, fries, chocolate cake.  We walk around the town in the rain, then scurry back to the gite to nap, read and share a thirst-quenching beer.  At 7:30 we sit down at a big table with twelve other pilgrims.  No English spoken – but that doesn’t matter.  We enjoy their company as we savor potage, a delicious carrot salad, a chicken stew, with cheese and fruit for dessert.

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