Moissac to Antibes to Paris

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Hotel Odeon (180€)*

Following a sojourn with friends living in Cap d’Antibes, we catch the train to Paris at 6:54 AM… and the city is overwhelming, though not how you might think!  As we step on to the Metro from the train station Nick feels something touch his pocket and he slaps his hand right over the hand of a little gypsy girl who has almost filched his wallet.  He grabs the wallet, she jumps from the subway, the door closes, and off we go… talk about timing.  So right off the bat Paris isn’isn’t a big hit!  We arrive at our hotel which is tiny but charming, in a chic but tres busy part of town.  Nick is set on seeing the puppet show in Luxembourg Gardens, so off we go. The park is crowded with Sunday visitors, families, couples, picnickers all playing and having fun.  The show is charming and we thoroughly enjoy it.

We’ll be back!


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