Miramont-Sensacq to Arzacq – 15K

This entry is part 15 of 33 in the series Part 2: Moissac to Puente la Reina

Gite Chemin du Puy 54€, dp)

The day is overcast and humid … but pleasant walking.  We visit three churches and explore a quaint town, Pimbo, enjoying a cafe and Coca Cola with our ham and cheese sandwich and chips.  We look out over rolling farmland, and beyond, a distant view of the Pyrenees… we are nearing the big climb up over and into Spain. We arrive in Arracq-Arrazique at 2:30 and find our gite.  We have our own room but no soap or towels.  The place is pleasant enough with the rooms opening onto a big lawn.  It feels like rain is coming but, no, the sun makes an appearance and the skies clear.  We dine outside at long tables and enjoy our new Belgium friends.  The meal is delicious… sliced tomatoes, pate, pasta, duck comfit, yogurt and lots of wine!  We note some extremely large women, and wonder if they’ll make it over the Pyrenees or even through the next day.  We wish them (as does a local sign) Bon Courage!

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