Miradoux to Lectoure – 11.7K

This entry is part 5 of 33 in the series Part 2: Moissac to Puente la Reina

Halte Pelerine (56€)

Have a lovely breakfast on the terrace … bread, café, homemade yogurt and jams.  Dilly-dallying, we’re off to a late start at 9:45 AM.  It is a beautiful day but, image023unfortunately, Nick has a cold, Yuk!  We stop in a small town, Castet-Arrouy, for coffee and a peek at a charming Gothic church.  We meet up with our new best friends from Le Bonheur, Celine and Michel, and all have coffee together.  We hike for another hour, then lunch in a field (sandwich with ham, cheese and tomato), and then drag on.  It is so much harder to hike when it is hot.  Nick snuffles and my toes cry!  We finally make it to Lectoure around 3:00 PM, visit a church with serene piped-in pilgrim music and run into our friends again along with a rare American, Jeff from Los Gatos.  We have ice cream and then find our gite.  It is, well, quaint, with lots of color, light, and a crazy hostess (in a good way).  Dinner is on our own, and we find an attractive little restaurant with an outdoor terrace.  We have fish soup, salad, lamb and beef.

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