Mas de Vergnes to Carzac – 17K

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Hotel La Segaliere  (204€, dp inc. lunch)

It is foggy to start, then clearing.  The hiking is gently up and down and lovely.  No real towns along the way.  We are in sheep country and there are many little round stone houses for shepherds.  We watch a farmer and his wife lead at least a hundred sheep from one pasture to the next (with a black one taking exception).  A small snack of potato chips and we arrive at our hotel at 1:40 PM, in time for lunch.  This is a lovely hotel, sort of fifties-ish, light, airy and very clean.  Again a bathtub, lovely white bedding, a balcony… and a countryside view.  Lunch is great.  Bonnie has an avocado salad; Nick a grilled ham and pepper sandwich.  Nap. There is a pool but it is too chilly for a swim. We walk into town for minor supplies and shop the Saturday marche for a picnic tomorrow. We wander into the local church and enjoy a lively music recital by the town kids.  Back to the hotel for an excellent dinner… Bonnie:  melon and smoked duck appetizer, chicken comfit.  And Nick:  grilled lamb chops. Expensive but good.


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