Manciet to Lanne-Soubiran – 29.7k

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Maison Labarbe (90€, dp)


The day is again overcast.  We stop in a busy little town, Nogaro, for coffee and ice cream and then, in a local church, admire stained glass windows.  In the mayhem of the French Revolution, statues of saints were bashed and windows trashed.  In recent years, there have been commendable attempts to right this.  Sometimes the stained glass is abstract or Picasso-like.  And back in Conques, patterns of different shades of alabaster, somewhat austere, proved quite effective.  Here it is images of nature.  We walk on through vineyards, cornfields, forests, rolling hills… the works! We spy three deer in a vineyard and this is a first.  With rare exception, there appear to be no more wild animals in Europe.  We arrive at the Gite Maison Labarbe at 2:00 PM and our duffel is there! Whoo, whoo!  We are shown to our room, where we shower, read and nap.  Dinnertime and ll the guests are French.  We savor potage, salad with excellent tomatoes, comfit du canard, haricot blanc cassoulet, two cheeses and ice cream.  Fun!  To bed at 9:30.

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