Malbouzon to Nasbinals – 11.5K

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Hotel Bastide (132€, dp)

We were kindly picked up at 7:15 AM and driven to the gite Ferme des Gentianes (full the day before) for breakfast.  Lots of people eating, and the food is delicious.  We are off at 8:25… the way very muddy with lots of ups and downs across the moor.  At noon, we’re check into a basic, but good room at our hotel, and nearby have a nice lunch in a cheery restaurant.  We are introduced to arigot, a regional specialty made of mashed potatoes with cheese served with delicious grilled beef.  We also have a salad plate, an excellent wine, and a mysterious local liquor.  We take in the local Romanesque church.  It is FREEZING!! Our room looks out over the local fromagerie and the church.  Today we walked through fields of daffodils on the plateau but, here, everything looses a little charm in the weather’s cold, windy gloom.  Great nap then laundry followed by drying on the room heater.  The restaurant is very busy, and we are finally seated at a makeshift table amongst the postcard racks.  The dinner is good… tomatoes stuffed with local sausage, then arigot with beef stew, cheese, and flan.  Woke up at 3 AM with bad back pain; bad bed I think (I hope).  For breakfast, the same makeshift table in the postcards.


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