Leon to Villar Mazarife – 22.2K

This entry is part 26 of 29 in the series Part 3: Puente la Reina to Astorga

Albergue San Antonio de Padua (53€, dp)

We down another grand, mandatory breakfast, again too much.  And then it is a long slog through Leon… cold and ugly.  It is two hours before we escape city stuff.  We then walk on until a light lunch stop at 1:15 PM.  We eat at a dumb bar in an equally dumb town. We walk on another 5 kilometers to Villar Mazarife, where we stay in one of our albergue’s private rooms.  The place is very basic with co-ed bathrooms.  We nap, then join other pilgrims in the front yard.  We meet Karl, his wife Prisca and her sister, all from Alberta, and there’s John from New Zealand.  I treat them all to a bottle of wine and we have a merry time.  Dinner is great fun and we meet many other pilgrims… Nick, Paul, Judi, and Sally from England.  For Spain, the meal is surprisingly delicious… salad, pumpkin soup, veggie paella and a dessert tart.

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