Le Falzet to Les Faux – 14.5K

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Hotel L’Oustal de Parént (56€)

Breakfast with all other gite guests… great yogurt, bread and coffee served in bowls, my guess for dunking.  Out the door at 8:10 AM for good walking, although we started out in the rain, and it rained on and off all day.  Walking, walking, walking… up, down, up, down… through rolling hills crested by conifers forests and then up through those forests to beautiful vistas.  Cows and horses aplenty.  Passed through two villages.  Had our lunch at a wayside shrine honoring St. Roche. Along the Camino, St. R (we read) was once to rival St. J in popularity.  He has a gash on his knee, a sign that he was stricken by the Black Plague while ministering to its victims.   Rain forces us inside a “refuge.”  I am cold and crabby and “humph” my way onto Les Faux.  Advil, nap and dinner, which is quite good… soup, beef Bourguignon, cheese, prune dessert.  (See, I’m refraining from mentioning wine.)

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