Lauzerte to l’Aube-Nouvelle – 8.5K

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Auberge L’Aube-Nouvelle***   (117€)



The sun is out… goody!  We trudge on, with only two more days of walking on this first leg of our Camino adventure.  Only 8.5 kilometers today, but they are hard Ks.  We start by hiking straight up the steep hill out of our gite, then down, then up again then down… and so it goes on and on… endless ups and downs… all steep!  The countryside is beautiful with rolling green hills all around.  We pass an interesting (we think) chateau that is unfortunately closed.  We arrive at our destination at 11:45 AM and it is FABULOUS!!!  A beautiful French country hotel, it is the most romantic place we have stayed in on this trip.  I am thrilled!  We clean up (there is even a hairdryer) and descend into a fabulous dining room for lunch.  White and green asparagus salad with ham and chicken in a delicious sauce with pasta, then a raspberry and fig yogurt dessert, and wonderful wine.  Nap, read… in our beautiful high-ceilinged elegant room.  A great dinner, as well:  sorrel soup, mushroom omelet, salad, beef in black peppercorn sauce with green beans wrapped in bacon, potatoes, ratatouille, and a jelly roll for dessert with superb wine.  We dine outside on the veranda looking out over a perfect rural countryside… SUBLIME!


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