Hornillos del Camino to Castro-Jerez – 20.2K

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Hotel La Posada (86€ inc. dinner)

Mili returns us to Hornillos and we continue walking where we left off.  The hike to a mesa is gently up, and the weather is cool (it rained during the night).  We pass mown fields of wheat and barley.  Again, we are joined by many pilgrims walking and biking. We recognize some.  Our new friends Peter and Hermann have gone way ahead, as does just about everyone.  We walk 10+ kilometers and stop in a small town for C&CC and a tortilla patata, then head off again.  The road is long, the day is hot and the flies are maddening.   At 12:15 PM we stop for another C&CC, ice-cream and rose wine, then visit a lovely church museum with artifacts dating to the sixteenth century.  We head into town, a winding 2 kilometers.  Finding our hotel proves tricky.  We ask and ask and finally stop at a busy bar, peek into the restaurant, and are delighted to see Peter and Hermann.  What luck!  It turns out that they are also staying at our Posada and they tell us how to register (at the bar).  We are then lead down the street to our hotel, very nice with a lovely common living area.  Back to the restaurant for lunch at 3:30.  Nick:  trout / Bonnie: salad, beans, and flan.  B+N and call home.  Up and out at 8:30 for dinner at the same place, El Mason.  We both have steak and delicious wine.  The town is very noisy. It is Saturday night.

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