Fromesta to Carion de los Condes – 20.5K

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Hostal la Corte (132€, inc. lunch and dinner)


We meet our friends Peter and Hermann at breakfast in town (café and croissant) and march off at 8:00 AM.  We are immediately joined by an Irishman, Eugene, and he walks with us for the next 15 kilometers.  He proceeds to fill us in on the history of Ireland – no joke – from way back when to the 1970s, Bloody Sunday and all.  He is a policeman in Dublin and a character.  We make two refreshment stops… one for C&CC plus cookies, and the second to tour a cathedral and enjoy C&CC plus ice-cream.  Got to keep our energy level up! We leave Eugene hanging out with new friends (who won’t long be ignorant of the history of Ireland) and trudge on to the next town, another 6 kilometers, and a welcome, nice hotel.   The dining room is busy and we enjoy a pleasant lunch.  Bonnie:  bean soup and steak / Nick:  salad and steak.  Upstairs for B+N.  After calls home, we walk into town and run into Eugene again.  He encourages us to attend a Mass, where he will be assisting. We promise to try.  Instead we find a bar and have gin and tonics and miss the Mass… Oh well!  We have dinner at our hotel, savoring soup and salad, dessert and an excellent wine.

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