Heading Home

This entry is part 29 of 29 in the series Part 4: Astorga to Santiago to Finisterre

From Santiago de Compostela to Madrid to San Diego.  A long day!!!

Cab picks us up at 7:30 AM, and we are at the airport at 7:45 (25€).  Find our gate and have a bite to eat,… potato tortilla, coffees, and, why not?, wine.  Plane is delayed for 1 ½ hours and finally gets us to Madrid with barely enough time to navigate to our flight… but, aha, make it just in time and at the last minute are upgraded to first class!!!!   Talk about comfort and pampering… UNBELIEVABLE!!!  For ten hours I forget I am even on an airplane, watching Iron Lady, The Descendants, and Casablanca.  Anyway, the dream ends when we land in Dallas and face a nightmare of customs, picking up luggage, dropping off luggage, huge lines, and two hours to transfer from one flight to another.  We sneak in a drink before boarding the plane, and take off half an hour late. Who cares at this point? Three hours later we arrive in San Diego at 8PM.  Our duffel is there, and we phone for transport to our San Diego Parking Company lot, which charges us a very reasonable $105.  We hoped to stay at Hampton Inn on Scripps Poway Parkway… full! All the hotels are full.  We regroup and head for an okay little place in Ramona and, hurray, we have a room at the end of thirty hours.  Whew!  Up at 6 AM, sip coffee, down a bagel, and we are home at in Borrego Springs at 7:30.

The tally:  In 101 days, we have walked 1840 kilometers/1150 miles, crossed 26 mountain ranges, and passed through 290 villages, towns & cities.

So ends a Major Adventure!  But what about next year?  Maybe we could…

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