From Palais de Rei to Melide – 15K

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I awake with a full blown cold and a terrible night behind me.  Nick is in the same boat… GREAT!!!  Now WHAT??!!  We have breakfast down the street, and out of town we go, fortified with Emergency C and Zinc.  It is 8:30 AM and we figure we have five hours of hiking… How will this be possible?  It starts raining, soft at first and then with meaning… cold, wet, hard, snuff, sputter, ugh!  I tell Nick I have never had less fun, what a sport! Finally, after what seems like twelve hours (not the three we have been walking) we stop for C&CC with a doughnut and tea for good measure.  Plus Advil, Zinc, the works.  The rain lets up, and I rally and carry on with some (though small) humor. The path takes us up and down, again through small forests, stone towns, green meadows, some industry, along streams, over old stone bridges.  We  watch the stone marker tick by… Slowly, ½ by ½ kilometer.  A town hovers in the distance, looks modern… must be Melide.  We pass small country farms with lots of animals.  We hear a wail in the distance, look to the sound, and see a black cat dive off a twelve foot balcony, flying through the air to land safely on the ground in hot pursuit of an unseen critter.  WOW!!  Black Cats take all! Heading into town, we find, that this once, we are truly lost.  After many, “excusa por favors” we find a very jolly lady who gives us perfect directions to our hotel.  We check in and the lady at the desk hands me an envelope from Jacotrans… It is my lost debit card, found and returned by our good-hearted host back at the Casa Binelde!  As they say, a Camino Miracle.  We freshen up and enjoy a yummie lunch at 2 PM.  Bonnie:  sopa cocida, roast chicken, flan / Nick:  Russian salad, roast chicken, and helado.  Well-deserved B+N, though yuk!!!, I feel terrible, and Nick not so good either, but our room is cozy with a nice view.  I distract myself reading Merle’s Door a marvelous book about an amazing dog, plus insights into canine-human behavior and interactions.   We go down for a light dinner at 8… with little appetite.  We both have bacon and eggs with potatoes and salad.   To bed at 9:15 and, hopefully, a decent night’s sleep.

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