From Olviero to Circubion – 19.5K

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El Horreo (55€)


A beautiful day, the first for us both to wear our shorts!  Lots of ups and down… We had considered a cab to avoid the first up and decided against it… so onward!!!  Through moors with broom and heather all about… high places, windmills, vistas.  We stop for C&CC at the “last chance” bar for the next 15 kilometers.  Then a long hike, up and down, with the Atlantic Ocean finally in sight. STEEPLY DOWN now into Cee and then around a bay into Circubion, with the weather soft and welcoming. The way is poorly marked here and we have trouble finding our hotel. When we do, our room is right on the water… happification.  We lunch at the hotel’s bar-café; Nick has an inedible, scary even, seafood salad.  We wind up splitting an OK hamburger, accompanied by near-impossible-to-wreck gin and tonics.  But then, horrible cheese ice-cream.  B+N.  Down for walk to town and search for a better restaurant, then reluctantly settling on ours.  Nick:  a bad Margarita and clammy, cold empanadas / Bonnie:  wine and a vegie sandwich.  We are sick of Spanish food.

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