From Mazaricos to Olvieroa – 11.8K

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As Pias (50€)

Down to breakfast , no pan tosdada, no fresh juice, but ham, cheese, yogurt, stuff we never eat … And THE BILL!!  The bill is an astounding 161€!!!  Anyway, I have seen that they now advertise accepting credit cards and I insist on paying this way, rather than in cash, as requested by the host.  He is not happy about this, but then neither are we.  We have been gouged big time and to boot, had a poor stay… Wet, indifferent food, expensive, dreary… He drops us off and in a righteous huff, and we walk on.  (NOTE:  In Camino bookings, never, ever wire a deposit if requested.  There’s a $50 or higher charge and, as we found, the transaction is subject to bank error and/or rip-off.)  Up and down now, through mud.  Many cows, with milk trucks rumbling from farm to farm… We stop for CC&C just before Olvieroa, and then stroll on into the town, famous for it many horreos – blight-resistant raised granaries (that previously puzzled us).  Our room is nice, though somewhat damp (inevitable in misty Galicia?).  For lunch we have ever-reliable ensalada mista and equally appealing caldo Galega.  One of us has veal stew, the other Galetian stew, I can’t remember which.  Enough tough meat, already!  B+N, then walk around town, then a shared dinner:  salad and stew, flan, and not to be forgotten, two gin and tonics.

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