From Azura to Arca – 19K

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Pension Arca (37€)

All day, on and off, but mostly on, we walk in the rain… some sprinkles, some downpours.  Lots of pilgrims walking now.  I try to appreciate the wild flowers and exuberant foliage, so green and lush with giant black oaks leafing out and tiny new fruits popping through blossoms.  Spring all around.  I try to ignore my distaste for mud, but it is hard… slosh, slosh, slosh.  We stop twice for C&CC.  At our first stop we both desperately need to use los servicios and the line for the one bathroom is staggering.  With so many people walking there is no privacy for a classic “tree stop,” hard on one and all.  We miscalculate the kilometers to our destination, so are very disappointed to see an additional 2.5 kilometers materialize at the end of the day.  We drag in around 3:20 PM, soaking wet and hungry.  Our bubbly host sends us down the street for lunch before the café closes at 3:30 and we are allowed in even though we are late.  Bonnie:  Russian salad and ham with fries / Nick:  caldo Galega, fried fish and boiled potatoes, and helado.  B+N.  The room is very cheerful and new, decor from IKEA.  Now, what to do for dinner?  Neither hungry.  We walk to town, check out a bar… NO!  Stop in a grocery store for wine and cheese, then back for a pleasant little repast in our pension’s dining room.

Tomorrow:  Santiago de Compostela!

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