Finisterra to Santiago de Compostela

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Carris Casa de Troya (89€)**

Up at 6:15 AM and soon rollin’ down the hill, with a pause for coffee and croissant across from the bus stop.  Bus arrives at 7:50, with tickets 11€ for both of us.  And we’re on our way for what turns out to be the first part of our ride.  We are dropped off in some freezing town and then transfer to THE SANTIAGO BUS, pay an additional 11€, and on we go, arriving at Santiago’s bus station at 10:30.  Then catch a cab to our hotel, which is lovely and very close to the cathedral and the Parador.  It’s a delightfully sunny day… and an entirely different city!  We make reservations for the tour of the Bishop’s Palace and the rooftop of the cathedral later in the afternoon, and prowl nearby shops.  For lunch, we end up at an Italian restaurant… excellent!!  It appears that we are just about done with Spanish food and would just as soon not deal with yet another Menu del Dia. So, for lunch, we share toast with white beans, a salad caliente (sautéed spinach, garlic, carrots with olive oil, and parmesan cheese) and then a lasagna with Bolognese sauce (35€).  Back to our room for B+N, then out again at 5:45 for our tour, in English, of the Bishop’s Palace –fascinating medieval architectural history included – then up many a stair to the cathedral’s roof and a panorama of Santiago from above… Fabulous!!!  The guide is terrific and Nick in shutterbug Heaven.  I learn a lot.  Finished at 7, and off we go to “Our Table” in The Parador bar, Hendricks Martinis for Bonnie, a gin and tonic for Nick and our usual olives, chips and nuts. To bed – to rest up for the long trip home.


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