Figeac to Mas de Vergnes – 14K

This entry is part 25 of 38 in the series Part 1: Le Puy-en-Valey to Moissac

Rando-Etape Peche Ibert  (74€ dp)

Off after a good breakfast with an automatic expresso machine where with the push of a button you have rich, tasty coffee.  I have French bread with butter and jam and a little croissant; Nick has a little more.  We arrive at Camp Peche Ibera at 1:50 PM, after having our sandwich and potato chips on a stone bridge.  We find this accommodation to be very low end… with the weather turned freezing… YUK!!!  We read and nap.  Dinner is simple, prepared by the proprietor’s son and his girlfriend.  I down a Scotch to warm up. We drink a bottle of wine from 2002 which is excellent.  The girlfriend charges us only 3€ for the wine because it is old!  A sort of ghastly night.  We keep sticking to the plastic sheets; the blanket weighs about ten pounds and keeps slithering to the floor.  Finally the night ends and we head out at 8:00 AM.


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