Eauze to Manciet – 11K

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Gite Mathieu (61€, dp)

My back seems a little better when we start out.  The day is overcast… foggy to start then rainy, nevertheless good for walking.  We forward our duffel and hold our breath.  This is a short day and we arrive at the Gite Mathieu at 11:00 AM.  We have the common room to ourselves as well as a private alcove.  At 12:00 PM our duffel shows up… hurray!!  We walk a block to Chez Madeleine for lunch and enjoy dining with the town’s workmen at long tables, one and all having the identical meal de jour.  Delicious!!!  Charcuterie, steak with pasta, cheese tart, yogurt, wine.  We kick back all afternoon and descend to dinner at 7:30 PM.  The dinner is good… soup, nicoise salad, boiled eggs, petite peas and sausage, roast potatoes, ice cream and fruit but, alas… NO WINE!  Oh, well.  My back seems better after a restful afternoon.


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