Condom to Montreal du Gers – 16.7K

This entry is part 8 of 33 in the series Part 2: Moissac to Puente la Reina

Maison des Agapanthes (55€)*

It is a beautiful day.  My back is still hinky, and I am tying to breathe through the pain. We stop at a little church of interest to Nick.  He’s fascinated that it has a separate entry for pedauques, (“foot-of-the-goose people” in old French), outcasts once forced to wear a goose foot around their necks.  Which has something to do with the Queen of Sheba.  It’s a long story.  We arrive in Montreal du Gers at 1:45 PM and enjoy a great lunch… gazpacho, tomato salad, coquilles St. Jacque, trout… big nap!  We return to the same restaurant for dinner and have another wonderful meal… gazpacho again, salad, roast chicken, duck comfit, crème brule.  Our room is serene in this restored town house.

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