Carzac to Mas de Palat – 14K

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La Hulotte (60€)

We walk across the town and up a hill and out into the countryside again.  The weather is very damp, then rainy, seriously rainy.  The way is nevertheless beautiful.. with stunted forests and fairly gentle grades.  We are wet, wet, wet when we arrive at our gite in Palat (La Hulotte = The Owl).  This is a renovated very old farmhouse with a big kitchen and long table. The place is done up in cheery colors of red, orange and yellow.  We eat our lunch in the kitchen and read and sleep all afternoon.  The rain falls all day.  All our clothes are wet with little prospect of drying. There is no dinner offering in this gite, so the host drives us to a nearby town at 7:00 PM.  Bonnie has salmon carpaccio to start, then lapin and sweet breads.  Nick has lamb kebobs and a rhubarb-strawberry dessert.  We enjoy a pair of lovely wines (total: 90€).

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