Calzadillo de los Hermanos to Mansilla de las Mulas – 24.5K

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Albergueria del Camino (61€)

I have been so afraid of this day and its 26.5 flat, tortuous kilometers winding on and on, but as luck will have it, the walk is fine.  I decide to memorize the names of all the towns we have stayed in during this section of the Camino and this turns out to be a great diversion.  Somehow we get through.  Nick’s leg is a little better and his neck is much better.  Just past a cluster of bodegas – wine cellars – burrowed into hills, we stop at 20 kilometers for a nice lunch and then it’s on to our albergueria, quite charming.  We have a wonderful big bed overlooking a picturesque grape arbor.  We nap and then tour the town… with its principal feature an impressive Museum of Anthropology.  At 7:30 we join our new friends Gayle, Derek, Joseph and Mary for a delightful dinner.

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