Calzadilla de los Cuerzo to Sahagun – 21.8K

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Hotel Puerta de Sahagun (80€)

We breakfast with Peter and Hermann and are on the road at 8:00 AM.  It is a fine morning… brisk and fresh.  The road is good and a bit more varied.  Nick seems better. We stop for coffee, walk on a bit and then stop for a lunch of bocadillas (sandwiches) at a ruined monastery dedicated to curing St. Anthony’s Fire, a convulsive, blotchy-red affliction caused by a toxic fungus infesting everyday grains, particularly barley.  The afternoon turns very hot.  Nick is stoic but clearly in pain.  Arriving at our quite modern hotel, we plunk down in its giant lobby and order gin and tonics.  After a nap, we wander into the town (we are on its outskirts) and find a pharmacy.  Again we see many of our friends, Peter and Hermann included.  We have gin and tonics and return to our hotel for dinner.  Bonnie:  pasta carbonara (good) and veal parmesan (bad), with kiwi for dessert  / Nick:  green beans with garlic, crispy sole and helado.


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