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Hotel La Chartreuse

I wake up with bites all over my neck and legs.  Must have been bed bugs from the La Peche gite.  We spray everything and seek a Laundromat.  Then, what fun, figuring out a how to make it work.  All clean, we return to the hotel, call a cab and away we go to la Grotto de Pech Merl… featuring cave art 24,000 years old!  The ride is breath-taking… the scenery spectacular, with cliffs overhanging the gorgeous Valey d’Cele and the River Lot.  It takes forty hair-raising minutes to get there (the cab driver is talking and texting the entire way, through many blind curves).  The tour takes 1 ½ hours and then we’re in for more terror on the way back… but we live through it!  All told, a fabulous experience. We are blown away by both the sophistication of and the execution of these ancient painting.  We arrive back in the city at 1:30 PM.  The fare is 130€, worth it.  Lunch, bath, nap, and then walk back into town to plot our exit the following morning.  The dinner is just OK, but the Wine Buffet is excellent!  5€ each for all you want to drink.  Good quality too.  Nick has salad, andouille sausage, and ice cream.  I have salad, steak and potatoes, and cheese.  I give mine to Nick and just eat the potato and tomato.  Finally to bed… more scratching… Ugh!

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