Cabo Finisterra

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Rustico Insula*

It is lightly overcast and foggy as we head out after breakfast.  Down to town to find a bank machine (300€), pharmacy for cough stuff, and then up a long grade on the road to land’s end, about 3.5 kilometers, with spectacular views along the way.  We reach the lighthouse and adjoining hotel.  So, here we are at “the end of the earth,” at least in classical and medieval times… We’re thrilled!!!  There is a small ruckus about why we can’t use the bathrooms at the tourist shop or hotel, so it’s the bushes for me.  Why not? We decide not to hike back to town over a craggy hill and instead walk back down the road. We have been talking all morning about the pizza place we have seen advertised for days on the trail… and can hardly wait to find it.  ALAS, IT IS CLOSED ON MONDAY!!!  Hearbreak!  Oh well, we are on the waterfront plaza with many other choices, so we pick out a menu that looks good and sit down.  Turns out to be the best meal we’ve had, maybe ever in Spain!  Bonnie:  mussels and lasagna / Nick:  vegetable soup and chicken Milanese, then fabulous flan.  With wine and local after-dinner drinks included, 20€!   Gratified, I leave the waiter 4€ and the chef 5€.  We shove off UP THE HILL to our last home on the Camino.   B+N.  Then to pack.  At 8 PM, dinner at the hotel is simple:  cheese, sausage, ham, crunchy bread, and peaches with chocolate (20€).

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