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Mason del Cid**

image061We are up out at 9:00 AM for a turista day.  We enjoy café and croissants at nearby Bon Fin.  Then on to our tour of the cathedral.  It is the second largest in Spain and really fabulous.  Construction began in the tenth century, with the building morphing into a Gothic edifice in the sixteenth century.  There are many chapels with hundreds of Saints… sculptured, painted, huge and grand.  And remarkable, stained-glass “star” ceilings.  Beholding them, the king at the time (I forget his name) was to proclaim, “They could only have been made by angels!”  This is also the resting place of El Cid.   We leave the cathedral at 11:30 and head up the hill to visit the church of St. Nicholas, then amble on to the Museum of the Retablo, a retirement home for altarpieces of closed and abandoned churches.  Out through the Old City’s gate, we stroll a river park and stop for C&CC and churros.  Then on to the imaginatively-designed Museum of Evolution, with considerable attention given to recent findings at nearby Atepuerca… and the discovery there of the remains of the oldest man in Europe.  We walk back into town at 2:30 PM for lunch. Nick:  salad, chicken and ice-cream / Bonnie:  garlic soup and spaghetti.  B+N.  Then at 7 we are off to Burgos’ concert hall, where we enjoy a pre-show snack:  gin and tonics, cafe, potato omelet, churros and tapas.  There is a puppet exhibition next door so, of course, we see that.  Then, a first-class performance:  a Robert Russell Bennet symphony, a famous and fabulous Rachmaninoff concerto, and a Vaughn Williams symphony.  A delightful evening.

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