Astorga to Santa Catalina – 10k

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El Caminante (63€, inc. dinner)

Up at 6:45 AM and breakfast at 8… Out the door for our first day back on the Camino at 8:45… cold and windy but we are garbed up and warm.  We walk out of town into a vast countryside.  Intermittent rain, with rainbows, and a fierce head wind.  A bit of BRRRRR!!  We take a side trip to a restored Roman Town – Castrillo de Polvazares.  We now see storks in giant nests atop churches.  They’re also hunting in fields, much like egrets.  We stop in a near-deserted town for C&CC, and the host tells me the Spanish name for the storks – cigueñas.  We walk on up to our village for the night, arriving at 12:30 PM.  Nice room with a view of a church across the way and, most important, a NEST WITH A BIRD IN IT!  Lunch downstairs:  bacon and eggs and salads… delicious!  Then a stroll in the rain, a cozy return, and, so far, I am loving this and feel more comfortable than on previous walks.  My anxiety level has gone way down, and I am most grateful for that.  Nick is good (no hinky leg or neck), the walking is good, the food and accommodation are better than last time.  GOOD!  Dinner delicious… Bonnie:  green beans with bacon, then roast chix leg and thigh, with fries / Nick: spaghetti with tomato sauce, then roast chix, and flan.  The storks mate in the middle of the night!

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