Aire sur l’Adour to Miramont-Sensacq – 18K

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Maison du Bos (90€. dp)***

Left at 8:15 AM after breakfast, made a bank ATM stop, and then headed up a hill and out of town.  I leave the hostess a 10€ tip for being so helpful.  She works so hard.  She is THRILLED!  Tip-wise, I have been generous on this trip and it feels good.  It takes us about forty-five minutes to actually get out of town and we pass pretty houses and well kept yards, both old and new.  We follow a trail that circles a reservoir and nature preserve… quite lovely.  Then out of the forest and walking through endless cornfields.  Flat, corn, flat, corn, on and on.  We see a corn harvest in process and it is quite interesting… a machine cuts down the stalks and collects them, then the cobs go down a chute and are hand separated, then back up they go into a transport bin, then off they go to a co-operative granary where they are bagged.  This corn is for feeding the animals, not for human consumption.  We have a ham and cheese sandwich on a bench under a giant tree and then walk another 3 ½K … up, up, up a hill to the Maison des Bos… the most beautiful place so far!  WOW!  This elegant compound has views in all directions… of farmlands, mountains, open space. We sit by a lovely pool reading until 7:00 PM and then enjoy an extraordinary dinner in the main dining room with our host and hostess presiding.  The meal is from their garden… tomato salad, fabulous green salad, stuffed peppers, stuffed tomatoes, stuffed squash and eggplant.  Great wine. Fresh raspberries for dessert.  We retire to our rustic room for the night feeling oh, so happy!  My back… it agrees.

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