Abbaye Sauvelade to Navarrenx – 13.8K

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Hotel d’Commerce*  (117€)

Left our gite at 8:15 AM.  Off we go over hill and dale, up, down, up, down, and then flat.  We arrive at Navarrenx at 11:50, find our hotel and are told our room is not yet ready so we leave our stuff and head out for lunch.  We eat at Le Taverene du St. Jacques, and it is good… Bonnie has an omelet and a salad; Nick has a cheese sandwich and ice cream.  We tour a car show which is a big feature this weekend here (pretty rudimentary) and then return to our hotel.  Our duffel is there (always a good thing) and we have a very nice room.  We nap and call kids.  We have a good dinner at the hotel… smoked salmon, comfit d’canard with potatoes, and apple tart, then head off into town for a concert featuring back-to-back Masses, full-scale orchestra and all… one by Salieri, and  then one by Mozart.  Amadeus wins out.  Fabulous!  Home, in bed by 10:45 PM.

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